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Serving approximately 40,000 Non-tenure Track Faculty in California Community Colleges.

CPFA has been advocating for Part-time faculty in California since 1998. This group spearheaded AB 591, which passed the state legislature and allows contingent faculty to teach 67%. CPFA advocated for AB 852, the due process, rehire rights bill which failed last summer. Please join us in our effort to improve teaching and learning conditions in California.

CPFA Announces New BLOG!

The CPFA Executive Council announces the launch of a new blog, CPFA Forum Blog, which will attempt to keep up with the rapid cycling of Part-time faculty news and perspectives developing in the state. Links to relevant news, independent legislative analysis, national coverage of adjuncts, narratives and personal stories, and ‘nuts and bolts’ posts on retirement, eligibility and rights, activism and agitation—all these will crowd the blog.

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Check out the new CPFA Reading list. This list began on our Elchorro listserv and is now live on the web. There is a form available for you to add a book of interest to the list. There are also links to purchase the books online. A small portion of each purchase you make through the links goes directly to support CPFA!

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